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Instead of coming in hot with what this program will offer... I’d like to connect with you for a second on the way that you feel.

If you have taken group class, after zoom class, after advanced education course but are still coming up a little overwhelmed, needing direction, and craving some reassurance from someone who can relate, THIS is for YOU. This experience is not just shadowing. This is a full-blown, all-inclusive restorative experience. I am so grateful for all of the education I received throughout my 20 years Inside of the beauty industry and credit a great deal of the success that I have had to further my education.

But the one educational experience that completely changed my life and sent me on a journey that had me unpack everything inside of my life to get out of my own way and truly get rid of those feelings of resentment, overwhelm, and doubt was a Private 1:1 with a master mentor. That was almost 4 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. My life‘s work has prepared me to offer an experience inside of the beauty industry that I feel has been necessary for a long time. Get ready to truly dive deeper than you know and come back to your salon environment with a new set of eyes, mindset, and tools that WILL transform your business and profit! All while creating the life you truly want to live. I know you’re ready!

Our Mission

EVOLVE is a one of a kind educational & transformational experience for stylists that inspires confidence by providing business tools and strategy to support the bigger bolder moves they’ve always dreamed of.



1:1 Intensive


With this experience, we will tear into your in front of the chair business, uncovering blind spots, hidden gems, and actual cheat sheets from Möt on how she went from a booth rental space to a multimillion-dollar boutique salon within 3 years.



The MasterCourse is a 3-day community-based intensive where you will be matched with 4-6 industry peers for an amazing all-inclusive EVOLVE™️ experience. Each MasterCourse Community will share similar struggles, goals, experience, and need for support and will get expert guidance from Mot, Amber, and a full panel of experts. 



We invite our veteran students to join us in the Outer Banks off North Carolina for a restorative 3 day experience where we cater to your need for relaxation, community, education, and fun.

More Than Just Good Vibes

Create an elevated client experience
by experiencing one yourself.

EVOLVE is an intense business retreat meets life overhaul, designed to help you navigate through your next steps of growth while pouring into you as a person!

Real Results


EVOLVE your artistry, demand, and profits. This all-inclusive experience is catered toward passionate artists who already have a few years of experience when it comes to running their own business as a hairstylist. Over the course of 3 days, we dive into the artistry of installing hair as well as identifying areas for improvement with your current business operations to help you make an impact both in front of your chair and behind it.

Real Results


Salon organization is more than just a tidy home for color, tools, and hair. Without systems in place, your business simply can’t grow. During your time with EVOLVE you will get systems and organization for everything from your calendar to your hiring process to your client and guest management to batch planning your online and social content. Our systems and organization tools will put you miles ahead of your competition, free up much-needed time in your every day, and make leading easier. You’ll be able to refocus your attention on what’s important to you. We promise.

Pathways to Evolution

Our Signature Experiences


The 3 Day MasterCourse

EVOLVE your business mind and profits. The MasterCourse is an intimate, in person community experience, specifically tailored to salon owners, artists, and educators.  We partner members based on their specific phases of growth in their business, so that collaboration, accountability, teaching, and learning happens in a supportive environment. 

Whether you are operating as a solopreneur or with a growing team, with this 3-day all inclusive experience, we invite a cohort of members to build a like-minded community where we unveil our salon systems that have allowed us to grow into a multimillion dollar boutique business, and provide you with customized growth plans to help you reach your goals. Each MasterCourse community is limited to 6-8 members to ensure a personalized experience every time. 


1:1 3 Day Intensive

This is an all inclusive one on one experience for the salon pro or educator who is wanting to immerse themself into their business in a new and innovative way.  ‘We invite you to leave your familiar four walls, and spend 3 days developing a new trajectory for yourself and your business.

This experience combines strategy, scaling, and systems that have taken over a decade to put together in an intimate, but digestible way to give you real results, quickly.

When was the last time you spent3 full days working on your business with the guidance and mentorship of someone who has been able to achieve radical results and is willing to share their secrets? 

Add an element of decompression like yoga, and a massage, and you have our one on one experience


** these experiences are extremely limited


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