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When you ask Möt what experiences most impacted her career, she won’t say that it was a magical moment learning a new technique, moving into her own studio, or hiring her first employee…. It was the one-on-one education she received behind closed doors with her business mentors. Without an experienced pro in her corner calling her on the hard shit and pushing her past her perceived limits, the confidence that was necessary to eliminate every service in her salon except extensions wouldn’t have existed. It’s because of these one non one experiences that Möt knew that when it came time to step out on her own and offer education under her own brand, that it HAD to be individual, mono y mono style mentorship. Möt is bringing her background as a national educator and her grit from being in the beauty industry for 20 years to this program and is pulling out all the stops. When you are with Candice, you get real, unfiltered, tough love with laughs, encouragement, and high fives mixed in. From building team culture to talking to clients, to creating the perfect transformation, Möt isn’t holding anything back during the Evolve experience.

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Amber brings with her over 10 years of brand development experience from both the corporate and entrepreneurial lanes. She helps fast-growing business owners, entrepreneurs, and solo-prenuers reclaim time so they can get back to doing the the thing they got in the business to do in the first place. She specializes in taking chaos to “It’s Handled”! 



Jen is our behind the scenes queen and as our Evolve Concierge, she is the one making things run like a well-oiled machine. From coordinating transportation to handling food to making sure your hotel suite’s air conditioning is exactly the way you like it, Jen is quite literally our staff cruise director!

As a mom to 4 active boys, she’s got multitasking in the bag and does it all with a smile and a wink.

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